Hey y'all so as the previous post; I talked about decluttering. While, I was decluttering my room I found these candles I used up. Can you tell I love Candles hahahaha got to romance myself since I got no man but when I do he better stock up on candles lol ;)
Ok so I love these big three-wick candles from Bath and Bath Works.
First they smell so good and Second they look so pretty after you clean them out.
I'm all about trying my best to save this Planet from waste etc so why not recycle and reuse them for lots of things not just for the bathroom but for the office, kitchen, for your makeup brushes or storing beauty products and the possiblies are endless. Also if your like me and have so many you can re-use them for a gift and since Valentines's Day is around the corner you can one and add some small beauty products like liptsick, nail polish and so on and chocolates and second you can re-use to make your own candles. If you don't like any of the jars you can donate to the thrift store or put them in the recycle bin. 
So I think it's a win-win you're saving the planet and giving either for you or someone else 
(open the champagne look at you being a good human lol)

Hope you enjoyed this and may your place look organize and asethic 
From my Heart to Yours
Wishing you lots of Love & Sweetness

+ Screw-driver  (Flat Head)
+ Paper Towels
+ Dish Washing Sponge
+ Kettle
+ Dawn Soap
+ Plastic Spoon

* First you want to peel the stickers off the candles. The labels that are printed on the jar you can scrub it off. The ones with paper and have glue on the bottom don't peel off just yet.
* Warm up your kettle----make sure it's boiling then add in candles only add a little above where the wax finishes. 
* Watch how the wax lifts up. I think this is cool it reminds me of a lava lamp. I feel like a little kid see this happen hahahaha. 
* Once all of the wax lifts then with the plastic spoon remove the wax thats on top. Now with the paper towels put the wax there. I did this put outside just because I didn't want wax all over the countertop or table and I just can let the warm fall on the ground.
* Remove the wicks with the screw-driver. It should slide off the bottom quick, if not let it sit for a little more so the glue under the wick melts.
*Drain the water and make sure you have hot water turned on so it doesn't clog the sink.
* Wash the candles with the soap. I liked Dawn because it removes the wax faster. Use a sponge that your not going to wash the dishes with because wax might stay on the sponge and you dont want that lol. Also don't throw away that sponge use it for the next candles you will recycle then throw away once it's at the end of its life lol.
* To remove the paper tags/warning tags on the bottom of the jars, put it under the hot/warm water so it gets wet and the glue melts then remove with the screw-driver. if you still have glue run it under the hot/warm water for a little and then wash it off.
* Dry with the paper towels. I used paper towels because if I missed any wax I can remove it with the paper towels 
* Last but not least Now put your goodies inside. If you don't want the lids you can just throw them away in the recyle bin.

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