Coconut Curry Chicken With Cilantro Cabbage Salad

Hello Y'all!
So remember I told you I would do more food/drink recipes well here's the start to many because I have a few lined up. I love food like of course, everyone does and of course you have to eat to stay alive but like I love food and I love cooking. You know you're a true food lover when you are full but you're still eating----how I manage to still eat after I'm full well I don't know and It amazes me hahaha. I'm so blessed one to have food on my plate and second be able to use fresh ingredients. I'm not a chef just a very creative person and huge food lover. As much as I love to eat I love to share my recipes with my Family & Friends and of course y'all. After all Food brings people together.

 Can I share some of my dreams...bare with me lol

1. Have my own garden with lots of fruit trees, herbs, veggies and more fruit.
2. Have my own Huge Kitchen
3. Have a Man (aka my future husband) to cook and bake for.
4. Create a Cook/ Dessert Book
5. Help those in need who don't have much food
6. Host Brunch/ Dinner parties every once in a while in my apartment/home
7. Go to Italy and take a Culinary Course & Paris, France and take a Baking Course

So Lately I've been on a mission and creating more for this blog and I'm so happy! I love creating! It hasn't been easy financially because well I've been traveling (no regrets) & I was let go from a job which honestly was a blessing in disguise and I found another job in LA which sucked to leave (it was fun and everyone was so nice) but had to leave because I'm working closer to home. I can't wait to move to LA(top goal).

Ok I have a point to this post lol but I remember years ago it wasn't easy in my household we didn't have much to eat but my mama and God himself made it work somehow. It was embarrassing people assume because you have a big house you have it all good but that wasn't the case. I'm not embarrassed now looking back it made me feel blessed for so many other things and I grew as a person. Everyone goes through something and It also helped me be more creative and make the best with what we had.

When I cook to this day I try to use very little ingredients; keeping it simple because you don't need much to create a wonderful meal.
So this recipe I wanted to use more ingredients but still keeping it simple but flavorful.
It was so good y'all. Hope you give it a try.


Coconut Curry Chicken
+ 3 Chicken Breasts
+ 1 Tablespoon Minced Garlic
+ 1 Teaspoon of Salt & Pepper
+ 1 Tablespoon of Sugar
+ 1 Can of Coconut Milk
+ 1 Tablespoon of Yellow Curry
+ Cilantro (Handful bunch)
+ 4 Carrots
+ 1 Chile Serrano
+ 1 Lime

1. Cut chicken into small square pieces. Season it with salt and pepper. Cook in skillet low-medium heat. Don't forget to spray skillet with oil. Cook chicken a little make sure you don't cook it all the way.
2. Add Coconut Milk, after two mins add Chile Serrano (you can add half if you don't want it spicy), sugar and garlic, curry, carrots, lime and cilantro.
3. Cook for 15mins or till carrots are tender.
Serve with Rice.

Cilantro-Cabbage Salad
+  1 Half Purple Cabbage
+ 1 Cilantro
+ 1-2 Lime
+ 1 Tablespoon of Soy Sauce
+ 1 Green Onion

1. Chop Cabbage and Cilantro
2. Add Lime and Soy Sauce for dressing. You can also use a season seed dressing. Mix altogether.
3. Top with Green Onion

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