Spring Lookbook 2017

Happy Spring & Happy Monday y'all!
Spring is a great time to start Fresh. This year has been amazing!
I know it's been a while and if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat and more on Snapchat you know I've been beyond words excited to share this post.
I haven't shared anything because I wanted to come back with fresh looks and So many things are coming on my blog. Like, I have been working on a new layout for this website.
If you follow me on here than you know most of my clothes are from Forever 21, H&M etc and I still love their clothes but I wanted to start Fresh with other companies and Especially Online. Mostly Everyone shops online because more variety, quicker and sometimes better deals but I've been wanting to shop Online because well like I said earlier to try other brands and to see how the services are. Yes, it's easier to shop in person and to try on clothes but when I have free time on the weekends and to be honest because when am I not I hate shopping on weekends because of the crowds and waiting in lines-----and I don't hate much. I'm patient but I work all week and I just want to go explore or rest on the weekends not spending my free time waiting in line. I love Fashion but not long lines.

  It does sound like a hassle to shop Online but it's nice because you can shop in your pjs with a glass of wine and Yoda cuddling with you (aka my brother's puppy pug) it's very nice. You can take your time your not being rushed unless it's a good item then girl buy it because restock will take a while sometimes lol. It does suck if something doesn't fit you and you have to return it but some companies make it easy for you with free returns. 
Speaking of not fitting--- the Yellow dress (aka MY FAVORITE FASHION PIECE I OWN) didn't fit me which I was surprised because I ordered it in a M and it was way too big. 
All my Rompers and the Dress are from www.tobi.com but what I loved about Tobi's packaging well one being super simple cute packaging. Second was that the packaging bag the clothes came in, it had another tab to seal it to return it back. I didn't shop online before because of the hassle of that and finding the right packaging to mail it back but that packaging made me think ok where has this company been my whole life. I didn't return it because I wanted to share these outfits and not wearing that dress was not an option for me I wanted to wear it so bad----so I went to get it Altered.

I kept going to Tobi's Instagram page when I was looking at online shops. I'm not lying when I say that I will shop here from here and out. Super Nice People and everything was easy--of course great clothes and prices and the Clothes were so comfortable even with the items that shows a little something---something aka boobies hahaha. Even the Rompers were super comfortable and ladies if you've put on rompers you know they can be uncomfortable. So I highly recommend Tobi. Can't wait to shop here and other brands because y'all know I love fashion and being honest with you.

I Hope you enjoy this Lookbook because I'm been keeping it from y'all and you know I show Behind the scenes but my snapchat wouldn't have done justice on showing these outfits.
Hope you have an amazing Fresh Spring and I hope you enjoy these Outfits. 
Thank you Tobi for getting me out of my bubble and I'm so happy they were my First Online Shopping Shop.

From My Heart To Yours
Wishing you lots of Love & Sweetness
Amanda Bernadette

Outfit #1: Sexy Mod Flare
This outfit was so 70's with a modern and sexy touch. The Romper was silky and it felt so comfortable. I got this in a Size M. I felt like a Disco Queen. Romper: TOBI
Clutch: Thrift Store
Wedges: Cotton On
Sunglasses & Stud Earrings: H&M
Lipstick: Blankety



Outfit #2: Lady in Pink
This Romper is perfect for a simple everyday outfit and to take to a wedding. I did the look more for a wedding since wedding season is upon us. I truly felt like a lady in pink well I am a lady but y'all know what I mean hehehe. What I love about this romper is that it is a multi-use item. Although you don't see it much but the front has an opening so if you want to show that sexy side you can and even the back opens it's so pretty! With the back I Let it hang a little to give that whimsical look. Originally the back is tied all the way up but this is why I love it because you can switch it up, girl. Got this in a Size M.
Romper: TOBI
Betsy Johnson Sunglasses: TJ Maxx
Earrings: H&M
White purse: TJ Maxx
Heels:Madden Girl 
M.A.C. Lipstick: Relentlessly Red



It's like they created a dress just for me because this dress is... so me. One, I love dresses. Second, it's so bright and beautiful/sexy. Third It's so comfortable. Even Though I got it at a Size M It was really big but I wasn't going to let that stop me. ok, I do have rolls so it sucks a little for that sexy opening in the front but again I didn't care I was going to wear that Dress and I actually was wearing this dress for Easter. I was going to post this dress on my Instagram but didn't want to give it away with y'all not knowing the details.
Dress: TOBI
Hat & Purse: Thrift Store Similar Purse
Kanna Espadrille Flats: TJ Maxx (Similar)
M.A.C. Lipstick: Morange

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