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This year started out amazing, and what better way than to start the new year with something I love. This subject is important to me and not because I'm a wedding photographer but because I feel like people should know the importance of hiring a professional wedding photographer and why it should be number one on your list. You're probably thinking well duh it's important to hire a photographer for my wedding but you'd be surprised that some people don't hire one. 

*Note: photographers that leave with their client money or don't show on the wedding day upsets me so much and it sucks for us photographers that love what we do and actually want to photograph their day. Sometimes I get way more excited than the client themselves about the wedding, but hey when you love what you do it's always exciting.
*One thing I want for y'all to remember is that our equipment is very expensive and we have bills just like you and I'm not saying that to rub it in your face but sometimes people forget that photography is a career not just a hobby.

Importance of a Professional Wedding Photographer
+ I say it's #1 because other than the big things(venue,dress,rings) it can be quite an expense but I see it as the best investment. 
It's the best investment because after all is said and done and the wedding is over what you have left of everything is your tells your story. If it's in your budget get a videographer too if you can't then definitely go with a photographer ---no excuse. It should be #1 on your list to do while planning because it gives you enough time to save up if you have too or let you know ok I can add more hours etc.
+Most photographers get booked a year advance so it makes people rush and get a photographer without really looking at who they are as a photographer and see if they are the best for you.
A lot of times photographers are one of the last things to book for the wedding and I say that's a No No in my book and I'm not saying all this because I'm a wedding photographer but the stories I've been told makes me sad certain things like this happen. Hey I get it wedding planning gets crazy man oh man it's a lot but if it happens that your favorite photographer has been booked on your wedding day well it sucks.

+That day goes by super fast..... like light years fast hahaha. You are going to be greeting Family & Friends and not just on your side but your partners side too or just having fun and dancing. Your Photographer will be capturing the details or your uncle being dorky by the bar. They will be capturing all the things that you might miss. I always tell this to my clients and they say ya ya Amanda and I get the same reaction everytime when they see their photos omgosh that day went by so fast and when did that happen i don't remember that.

You spend so much time and money on planning your wedding and to not have a photographer capture your day gives me the chills and a bad feeling in my stomach because everyone should have that day captured, it's part of your life. It's a beautiful day.

+You will get a lot of pro photos with your partner looking super elegant.....I love those couples who are always taking photos together #couplegoals but if they are not that into taking photos well then you'd be lucky to get a few but on The Wedding day they have no choice hehehe and what better way to capture your love when they are looking their best.

+ Get to know the photographer personally. It might be their business but remember it's a part of them and hey they might not just photograph weddings but family portraits etc too.

+ There are so many photographers out there that are amazing and  have our own style of photographing and different budgets. So don't feel bad if you meet with a couple different ones because you have a style and budget too. This is your big day and you want to be sure everything is captured.

+ The Benefit of a Wedding Photographer is that they see different wedding planners, makeup artists and vendors so they can refer you one on your budget or by style. It makes a lot of the planning a lot easier than spending hours googling. Personally, I love fashion, beauty, decor and floral(Have my floral design certificate) and love to help my brides if they need help narrowing it down. I'm not a professional but I've Learned a lot over the years on my own and by other people. I love Creating!

+They know what goes down in a Wedding. If it's not in your budget to hire a wedding planner a wedding photographer is like a wedding planner... not a wedding planner but LIKE one. Like I said they know what goes down and can help you.

+ A Wedding photographer is there to capture your day! You can get someone in your family or friend to photograph your day to save money, but they might not capture everything because they might be catching up with a family member or just enjoy the wedding. Is that a risk you want to take, at least for me No Thank you. Granted this is not the case for most people because well like myself I'm always taking photographs either way and I have more fun taking photos and it's not a job for me but don't risk having that person get drunk and they miss when your partner and you are leaving with sparklers going off magically.

+Hiring a wedding photographer vs just your guests sending you photos or tagging you. Which by the way I love when guests send you their photos. It shows their perspective and I love when the bride and groom create an Instagram tag. Although phone cameras and other cameras are really good these days some might not have that same art quality that a wedding photographer provides for you. A wedding photographer creates your story in their artful way and they start from when you get ready to when you take off to your honeymoon. Not all your guests may capture it how the photographer would. If you are like me and are like in the night I want the photos to look like romance cinematic quality. 

+ Most importantly as you may know.....They are capturing YOUR DAY, YOUR STORY, YOUR LOVE!

* Make sure you sign a contract and that you read it before signing it! It benefits both you and the photographer.

Happy Wedding Planning & Congrats if your getting married! If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment below!

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