Mini Chicken Pot Pies Recipe

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I love Chicken Pot Pies but I feel you get ripped off because the crust is thin and there isn't that much chicken and they have lots of veggies. I love veggies but hey I want more chicken because it is called CHICKEN Pot Pies right----so for the longest time I've been wanting to do this recipe but it was always hot and when it wasn't I couldn't. Finally I was like ok I' doing this and I did and it was pretty hot outside but I didn't care. It was getting cloudy and chill perfect autumn weather to bake but then it went away and I was like nooo but no matter what I was still going to do it! This was my first time making these pies and not too bad it was everything how I wanted these pies to taste.
When it comes to food I try to keep it simple and easy but with lots of flavor. I made my crust thick and added a lot of chicken because come on that is the best parts of the pie.
So Hope you enjoy my recipe and happy tummy to you hehehe

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These were mini loaf bread ceramic container. don't remember the size but you can use any mini ceramic containers.
I also used the low-sodium chicken broth from Trader Joe's I mean everything at Trader Joe's is so good.
Cut the rest of the pie off to get a smooth edge
Lift the dough against the container and bring up to the top of the container. press with fingers and lift.
dough balls for the tops of pies cut into shapes of containers---I did rectangles and wrapped it off the edge a little 
fill with the veggie & chicken filling. I know you see the dough is not at the top but make sure you lift the dough to the top and fill to the top dont be shy to pack that chicken filling to the top.
seal it with a fork and cut three openings to vent. Also My pies are perfectly cut but if you have cookie cutters or molds use them they will look more insta and pinteresy worthy. I didn't have any so I just cut it eyeballing it which makes me sad a little because i'm all about presentation but hey it was my first time and it came out so good. You win some you lose some.
before the oven. 
In this picture, I took it out just a little but I put it back in the oven for the center to cook.
                Voila Mini Chicken Pot Pies. You can download/print the recipe below just click the link below the photos

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