Autumn Look Book 2016

Hello Y'all Happy Sunday! This is my favorite lookbook I've created by far and to add I love autumn! The season I was born! ahh Autumn it's so beautiful cool crisp air, sweaters, flannels, boots, blankets, baking, chai lattes and can't forget everything pumpkin the only thing that I'll be missing is a handsome guy to cuddle with and watch movies and sunsets but it's all good I'll be over here cuddling with my pillow or my legs hahaha but if your not single get your cuddle on!
 So when it comes to lookbooks I want to show different styles to fit a lot of gals. I love fashion so I have lots of different styles from tomboyish to girly. Then again I'm both tomboyish and girly.  Also, most of the clothes are from thrift stores I feel thrift stores have the best clothes for autumn especially sweaters and flannels. I will be posting lots of food recipes don't forget to Subscribe to get them to your email I'm so excited to share more of my food recipes. till the season of food! yay! Hope you enjoy your Autumn season with lots of pumpkin and lots of nude's.... not those nudes.... neutral clothes.

From my Heart to Yours
Wishing you lots of Love & Sweetness
-Amanda Bernadette

Daytime Outfits
Rocker Chick
Men have the best graphic shirts so why not give it a touch of girly and
 make it into a dress. My butt lifts every dress up two inches
 so I always have to get a size that's long enough
 to not show my butt. yup this is a guys shirt I got it in L
Shirt: JCPenny (men's section)
Flannel, High Knee Socks, and Sunnies: Forever 21
Shoes: Converse
Choker: Claire's 
Comfy Casual
I have days where I'm not in the mood to get dolled up and
 just be comfy and wear no bra but still be put together so here's my outcome.
Hat, Sunnies & Choker: Forever 21
Wool Sweater: Thrift Store
Padded black top & Jogger Pants: Ross
Shoes: Keds

Casual Warm
Olive Jacket: Thrift Store
Grey Hoodie: H&M
Jogger Pants: Ross
Boots: Ross
Sunnies: Forever 21

Tom Boyish
When I created this outfit I was thinking about Ashley Spinelli from Recess's Cartoon. 
I loved that show it was my to-go show! So Of course I added my touch and you can always change the graphic tee to your liking.
Beanie, Sunnies, Choker, Ring Sets: Forever 21
Shirt: Jcpenny
Flannel: Thrift Store
Boyfriend Jeans: Thrift Store
Boots: Ross

Denim on Denim
Sunnies & Choker: Forever 21
Pants: Forever 21
Denim Button Up: H&M
Boots: Ross

Evening Outfits

Autumn Original
Choker: Forever 21
Top: Thrift Store
Pants: Thrift Store
Boots: Ross
Hoodie Wool Sweater: Thrift Store

Nude on Nude
Choker: Forever 21
Wool Tribal Purse: Thrift Store
Dress: Thrift Store
Long Sleeveless Knit Outerwear: Thrift Store
Heels: Forever 21

Bad Chick
Sunnies, Choker, Rings and Heels: Forever 21
Faux Leather Vest & Jeans: Forever 21
Nude Onesie: Ross 

Bright Classy Lady
Sunnies, Purse, Top: Forever 21
Choker: Claire's
Plaid Skirt: Thrift Store
Flats: Ross
Coat: Thrift Store

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