Hello Y'all Hope you are having a great summer mine is ok need to go to the beach more or somewhere exotic but that's what we all want right hahaha and speaking of exotic... lately with so much going on in the world I started thinking of doing something I love filled with color and representing my culture/ background. Fashion & My Favorite Fashion pieces from Mexico. I am proud of being an American but also being Mexican because I spent a lot of my summers with family over there on black sand beaches and eating so much fruit and amazing food in Mexico. 
I'm happy of these two places I come from because every culture has something different to offer and that's what we need to focus on instead of putting one culture below or trying to be superior to others and I go more into this subject on my upcoming Talkie Tea Tuesday video. I will be posting it tomorrow so stay tuned. So ya Let's celebrate our differences. 
Mexico has so many handmade and color fashion pieces and I love it; Unfortunately, they are "Americanizing" and a lot and the traditional stuff you won't find easily like before when I was young. I have collected a few things throughout the years and other gifts my mom has brought me because it's better quality and cheaper over there than over here. Hope you enjoy this lookbook......this was by far my favorite lookbook because of the colors and it reminded me of something that Vogue would publish hahaha #goals #futurecovergirl 
Hope you have a colorful and happy summer. Mostly everything is from Mexico and two outfits are inspiration from the colors they use or the style.

I want to see your favorite culture fashion pieces because I might end up going to your country and buying it and modeling it with your countries favorite foods hehehe. Share it with me on Instagram #lovethedifferences You can Follow me @amandabernadette

From my Heart to Yours
Wishing you lots of Love & Sweetness
-Amanda Bernadette 

Outfit #1:
Off Shoulder Traditional Dress, Beaned Earrings & Leather Purse from Mexico
mixing different patterns etc can be tricky sometimes but keep it simple with neutral colors that match the dress and keep it in the similar color scheme on top.

Outfit #2:
Traditional Dress & Hoop Palm Tree Earrings from Mexico
Sandals: Forever 21
These is a lot more traditional then the dress above but use similar colors for accessories.


Outfit #3:
Colorful Leather Lofts, Skirt, Feather Earrings & Wool Purse from Mexico
Yellow Crop Top: Ross
You will see these colors a lot in Mexico mostly on Homes

Outfit 4: Seashell Necklace from Mexico (Real Seashells)
Dress: I found this dress at a thrift store but when I went to Cozumel Mexico I found the same one there a few months later so it probably came from there. You will see lots of these designs over there.
Perfect for the Beach.

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