Wanderlust Wednesday | Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA | One Day Trip

Hello y'all, This trip was beyond any words could describe so i'll try and do my best to describe it. Ever since I could remember I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon! My dream came true! I went for a day and a half with little money. I literally sold my mini iPad to go here but it was so worth it although I wouldn't sell my camera [likes not get ahead of ourselves] because one I wouldn't be able to share anything and it's my money maker lol-----Life without photography and video would be very boring! So I was telling my friend Anthony aka my future manager---Hi Anthony if you are reading this hehehehe------ so I was telling him how I was telling someone that I want to go on a USA cross-country trip for the longest time and that the Grand Canyon was my top place! He then said let's go and I was like are you serious----I only asked that because whenever I tell a friend they always say ya let's do it and then last min back out or put an excuse. So I was thrilled when he said ya and I was yasssssss!!!!! So I bought snacks and made some food so we can save money! 

It was such an eye-opener and a new chapter in my life! We talked a lot about Life and our goals! So this was a spiritual Trip for me and I knew this was all God because it happened so fast and it literally wouldn't be possible without God [Well nothing would be without God] and of course to my friend. Thank You! 
It was so surreal and inspiring to see the Grand Canyon in person. It's a must to see in person!
I didn't want to get to close to the edge because I just couldn't believe I was there that I wanted to touch it because it looks like a painting and for some reason touching it was going to hit me that I was there---that it was real. Well, of course, it's real I kept telling myself but let's not fall off the cliff! Let's stay alive to have more adventures. Everything went so fast but I recommend you go and one take photos and videos then put the camera down and just sit and admire it all! I didn't get to meditate like I wanted because first I went on Valentine's Day weekend and it was pretty packed but not as much so because I did have my peaceful moments. No this wasn't a romantic trip it was a spiritual trip! 
The South Rim is the most popular Rim of the Grand Canyon. You have the North Rim and East Rim
and those are less touristy. 
We left Thursday at 10:30 pm to get there in time for the sunrise and we did! We were the first ones there! We left Saturday at 12:30 pm so we got to see it in the morning again but I slept in; it was a long trip hahaha. We talked about it Tuesday and Planned it a little on Wednesday! Seriously last minute trip!
 During Sunrise, there will be lots of Asian Tour Groups so take a Selfie Stick I know it's funny but it's a must to see more. Luckily we were the first ones there and got to the front but I'm short so couldn't see all. They are only there for a short while and then they were off to their next location. They do have other sections and benches were you could take photos or just sit down and admire the beauty in front of your eyes. Some People went down some cliffs because so many people were in the main section but of course, it wasn't protected and really dangerous but props to them because they had no Fear to go on cliffs like they did and just sit on the edge. I was too scared especially since some sections had ice and snow and I was like one wrong step and I slip and I die because let me tell you it's a long long long way down. I might have done it if there wasn't ice but at the time I was like No Thank you. I did Let Go of a lot of things! Just seeing it in person made me realize how dumb my problems were and that Life is so beautiful and even though their are struggles there is great times. I got so much motivation from this trip. I already had a lot but this was like lightspeed power hahaha

Weather: It was freezing 26F brrr but I had lots of layers one thing I should have taken was my boots with double socks and gloves because I only had slip-on socks and my feet were freezing and my face but what can you do. I put my hands in my pockets and that helped but of course being a photographer I wanted to take photos and my hands were so cold it hurt hahaha. I did just sat on my  hands and my butt warmed up my hands----shoot if you got a booty it's very handy(get it hahaha).  
In the day-time it was about 80F it was warm but with a chill air but perfect weather! No clouds, No Rain! It was truly amazing everything was falling into place! Like I said All God!
They have a visitor center where you can ask the rangers questions and see other things; I asked about the weather and when is the best time to come because I figured well we are having great weather but maybe other times it rains and I want to go back and go down to the canyon and camp. She told me that Mid-February is the best time to visit the Grand Canyon because even it's icy/cold up on the Canyon, below it's perfect weather it would be 73F so not extremely hot like in the summer!
I will be going again hopefully next February to go camping down in the canyon for longer and to do more things. To go Camping down in the canyon you have to get a permit and you only go to the Back Country Info Center.  You do have to pay to go to the Rim. There are shuttles and I heard they were free but we had a car so we paid and it was a one time fee as long as you were there. For Example it didn't expire seven days  after we purchased it($30.00usd). if you are staying in town where most of the hotels are and you have your Grand Canyon Ticket go through the far right section that way your not waiting in the long lines. I actually preferred having your own car because you can drive where ever and stop where ever. 

Seeing the Sunrise was truly Amazing! It was the Second Best and I say Second because there were so many people around me so I couldn't think in peace. My First was in Mexico and It was my first ever Sunrise and I was alone well Only God, the beach and I. I got to see the Sunset too which was my favorite--- I mean the sunrise was amazing but if I had to pick I would pick the sunset because I love it and I find more peace during the Sunset time!
If I did it with very little money and only a day in a half so can you! Everything is possible but if you keep putting it off it won't ever be happen. In general, I know for myself this was last minute but sometimes you just have to go but also don't be dumb but YOU DO HAVE THE CHOICE! When you put an excuse for something your letting life live you instead of you living life. I let a lot of things go like I said before and don't get me wrong I started getting doubt but that wasn't truly me I wasn't going to let Fear control me. I was going to live and let God and life guide me. 
When the opportunity comes go with it! I became a new better woman after this trip! 
Also, I didn't take photos of my complete outfit so I took photos after to show you what I wore.
No Photo or Video can do justice of how beautiful and peaceful this place is.  Also you can't take drones here well the ranger said no drones are allowed in any National Park---which makes sense to protect animals and the environment but also it would be cool to capture some views from above----oh well. There is a lot to take in! Literally!

From my Heart to Yours
Wishing you lots of Love & Sweetness
-Amanda Bernadette

Beanie: Forever 21
Green Jacket: Thrift Store
Plaid Shirt: Old Navy
Graphic Tee: Forever 21
Tank Top: Cotton On (You can't see it but I wore a basic grey tank top)
Joggy Pants: Kohl's
Shoes: Thrift Store but like Keds
Backpack: Thrift Store (This came in so handy)
Sunnies: H&M

 Yup!!! Even With my Breakout I Feel Good and Happy!


 Beginning of Sunrise About 7 am
 Can't see anything even if sun is out a little

This Moment Was the Start of a New Chapter for me. Just When the Sun Hit my face I knew things were going to be better.

 They have a walkway.
 My friend aka My Manager
 Filter with My sunnies! It was actually the true color of what I saw.

 Literally living  Life by the edge. I give so much props to this guy! Next time I go I will do this hopefully hahaha


 Around 1pm
 Yup lots of people. Where they are at that's where I was at in the morning
 Used Sunnies as a filter. Below is an Example.

 These Ravens were huge.  I was like Birds(the movie hahaha)!!

 Sunset Time

 The Moon & The Sunset are my favorite!!!!

 We Stayed here it wasn't the best but good for $44 our heater didn't work but we took extra blankets.

 The next day I got closer ya it goes straight down from below this cliff. #dropdeadfall #nothankyou #sorryformywhiteasslegs #needatanasap
A Few of My Favorite Photographes I took #amandabernadettephotography

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