Wanderlust Wednesday | Colima, Mexico

Hello Y'all, So I want to make this kind of brief-----hopefully. Well I kinda grew up here in the summers! Parents put my sister and I on a plane when summer came around but not every summer because we would go camping to Yosemite or June Lake here in California! I just love Summers so many good memories! So ya I love to Travel! Last year I told myself that I want to create a travel guide book but I'm not going to go in detail----sorry-----but don't worry it will be worth the wait. So as I started researching about travel tips and all that jazz-----I just felt like there were books that were so boring and I was like traveling is nowhere near boring [not a lot of photos or too much information] and I felt overwhelmed! Traveling can be overwhelming! I get it--- the transportation, understanding currency, where to go, what to take and so on....but don't worry I'm on a mission to making traveling fun and less stressful for you and yes there might be a lot of information out there but I want to make it a way that suits everyone. So I'm going to document of course through my photography but I will keep in mind of things that you should know and what to take! Let's just say I got you! For you to have fun on your trip and if something happens because God forbid something bad happens LET'S THINK POSITIVE----but yes bad things happen too and I want you to feel safe so you can kick back to sun-bathing by the beach and sipping those pina coladas again.

First: Know that even if Mexico gets a lot of bad rep on the news, I didn't feel I was in danger at all. Of course you have to be aware of your surroundings and not be too flashy and I don't like really saying that because of course you look different you already stand out from the locals but don't be cocky and respect the country you visit. Be nice and things will be smooth. Yes, there are dangerous places in Mexico but other places in the world have dangerous places too. It's not a perfect world! Be respectful and you will be good! 
Mexico in December is so beautiful and weather is warmer!
Climate: Humid (When I went it was not humid which was odd because it usually is even when it's a little chilly but they did just have the biggest hurricane ever recorded, but none the less when it is humid it's like sticky humid). It's very green everywhere since it's a tropical location. Take lots of bug spray and balm because since it is humid there are LOTS of mosquitoes----I hate them with a passion because they love my sweet pale skin mainly my legs but I don't ever get sick or catch anything. Thank You God!
It was cloudy and cold when I arrived in Guadalajara. It was warmer in Colima but still kinda cold.

 Of course Lots of Colorful houses. Works for Mexico but not over here----hahaha well I personally don't like it.

 I'm not sure if these are structured by people or by the river coming down but they make them into small natural pools you can swim in. Beware though water is so cold but that's all. They are really clean. The water flows down like a river with little water falls. You can take your own food or some huts sell food. They charge now for parking which is like $20.00Pesos around $1.50 usd. Take your own toliet paper, wet wipes and charmin toliet seat covers if you have to use the restroom about 2 Pesos. I personally don't like using them because they are gross to me but if you have to go you have no choice no hotel toliets here.

 Villa de Alvarez has more to offer. Example, they have maps of Colima and more tourist information. They also have a statue horses which you will see more below.
 You can find public restrooms here at Downtown Colima (El Centro) City Hall/ Postal Service
 I love seeing the countdown because here in the usa it's a person walking signal but it just blinks but over in Mexico the figure is actually walking and when it's 2 seconds it runs fast---it's so funny.
The Jardin were I enjoyed my Tejuino. They have lots of these. It's very Romantic
 Back in 2012. Didn't get a chance to go to these but these are on the roads going to the beaches. They sell coconuts, natural candies, snacks,and souveniers. I love these
 Lots of Palm Trees!
 Tecoman Beach
Lots of Rocky Streets. So be Ready lol 
Peso Coins forgot to take a picture of the bills oops

Clothing: Light Clothing (Dresses, Shorts, Shirts, Sandals, Jogger pants,*Jeans)
*You can wear them but if your not used to heat then don't take any pants. I took tights for the plane and I was good because it was kinda cold when I went in December. I didn't take a photo of my all my outfits because for some reason it's hard for someone to take good outfit photos of me using my DSLR but then again I am a perfectionist but I also wanted to take them out and see if it's something you can take and some didn't work out for me and I only took a carry-on luggage for 9day trip yup I was proud of myself! 
I toook lots of dresses. Saves lots of space and you don't have to waste a lot of time planning an #ootd. Also Took lots of scarfs if it got chilly or to dress an outfit up a little.

Bought my shoes in Downtown Colima ($18) Ignore the Trash Can in the background hahaha---see I'm picking with my backgrounds lol 
Also Heres the my makeup I took on the Airplane.
My Set-up:
e.l.f. BB Cream(Medium) 
M.A.C. Studio Fix Powder(Don't remember my shade)
L.A. Girl Pro Concealer(Natural Beige)
NYX Dark Circle Concealer(Medium)
M.A.C. Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow (To Fill Brows)
Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

e.l.f. Eye Lash Curler 

L'oreal 24 Laquer Gel Liner with liner brush (Blackest Black) [I tight lined upper Waterline]
NYC Bronzer Smooth Skin (Sunny) [to contour face and eyelid crease]
NYX Matte Lip Cream (Monte Carlo) [I used a red to have a bold awake look because I went light on the eyes but you can take another lighter color and use it for blush and I did red lips because you can not do your eyes and only your face and lips and put some sunglasses and you still look good  hahha of course you have to take off your sunnies inside for security reasons hahaha ]
Brushes: Duo side from Forever 21 blush/contour, lip/angle
         e.l.f. contour brush, flawless concealer brush 
[other brushes were in luggage because I didn't need them one but I'm also going to upgrade my brushes. I also used my hands to apply my bb cream an cleaned my hands with a wet wipe and the powder had a sponge]
Mirror: Conair from Target. I loved this mirror because the handle became like a stand or you could use it to hang but I used it as a stand better.

Transportation: Taxis, Bus, Car (Not Sure how much it is to rent because usually family picks me up).
Transportation in Mexico is pretty cheap! City Buses aren't that nice like over here in the United States but it's around .80cents from downtown Colima to upper town but it depends on the route. Like in Movies it is crowded! Coach Buses aka like grey hound have different classes but if you get the middle class it's really nice, it has a restroom and you get served food on the bus. I landed in Guadalajara but you can catch a taxi to the bus station and head to Colima! It's about three hours it sucks but Colima doesn't do international flights anymore!
 Taxis: are around $3.00 but again depending where and unfortunately if you don't speak Spanish and look like a tourist they charge you more! Sucks I know
You can ride on the back on a truck only the passenger and driver put seat belts on! You won't get a ticket!
 My Ride lol jk The Stautes in Villa de Alvarez
 Yup you can do that.

Unfortunately, I didn't visit the beach [black sand beaches\warm water] because of the hurricane but I will include some pictures from my trip three years ago. Sorry, I took some on my iphone not great quality back then. Also In Tecoman there are restaurants on the beach.
When you go to Mexico beaches there are a lot of locals that sell things! You can ignore them [which I don't like to do but sometimes they don't listen! I usually shake my head or say no gracias.] I have bought some pretty cool shell necklaces. Tip on shopping in Mexico you can bargain with them to get a lower price!

Their currency is cheap right now so the dollar value is good! Cheaper for you! So I've seen that some people freak out when they look at a menu and see for a taco it says $10 but don't freak out that's in pesos so it's about .55cents. They go by Pesos. I also love the Mexican currency design!

Colima might be small compared to other states in Mexico but lots of things to do and on the holiday season it gets so beautiful that's when you see the traditional festivals. They have jardins (gardens/parks) and on the weekends they have live music and everyone goes dancing. It's very beautiful to see people just dance. It's Free too! People take foods/snacks and merchadise to sell and people sit down and eat or walk around or dance---- of course I love being Mexican I love to eat and dance! Speaking of dancing I got to fianlly see the tradtional mexican dancing actually in Mexico not here in LA but Mexico! It was my dream for the longest time I got so emotioanl but I held my tears because of course I was filming and there was people around hahaha! It was surreal my dream coming true in front of my eyes! Being a dancer not a professional one but a huge lover of dancing it was amazing! Don't get me wrong I love being American too but you can't beat the amazing foods and dancing Mexico has to offer! They have an active volcano! When I was there it erupted twice only just smoke though but I have seen lava come down---it's pretty cool as long as it's not near the city I'm good. People Trip out over there but I was like cool but I remembered oh ya of course they live there hahahaha but that's only some people. They have many churches.

 I love the Dresses!!!

Food: Who doesn't love Mexican food like hellooooo-----It's of course way way way better in Mexico! So Colima is known for their sopitios and no they aren't sopes they are a smaller version kinda. They are tiny(bit-size) but instead they put ground beef and cabbage. There is many foods from tamales, tostadas, pozole seco, seafood and of course tacos and so much more!
Tacos: some places do it in regular size tortillas and some do it with the small tortillas. Once you taste the tacos here you will laugh at Tacobell for saying they are tacos.
Paletas: These are my go-to desserts when I visit! I buy so many because they are natural and amazing and cheap!
Drinks: They are also know for their Tejuino, Tuba, Bate, Coco, Aguas Frescas, Sodas, Beers, Michelada, Ponche de Comala. I love Tejuino and Micheladas, Cocos, Aguas Frescas ya pretty much everything!
Tejuino is a dough(masa) and limon chill drink. It's a little sweet but more citrus! If you don't like limons stay away but this drink is my go-to when I go it's so refreshing especially when it's really humid---lots of limon, ice and little bit of salt yumm! 
Bate: is sweet and think has that maple kinda taste with these seeds.
Tuba: is a drink from the flower of the coconut drink when I had this I didn't like it which is weird because I love coconuts and even though I'm a sweet tooth this was too sweet for me but I might have to try it again when I go.
Ponche de Comala: alcoholic drink that's sweet. Famous one is Pomegranate, Nuez and Coconut.
Sodas: I don't really drink soda over here in the US but when I go to Mexico I do... not a lot but ya they use sugar cane so it's more natural than corn syrup but it is soda so not good but hey I was on vacation! You can drink your beer in the car as long as your not the driver! 
They have some bars that have different flavor micheladas. The Mango and strawberry is good! My favorite is the original with a dark beer! The alcoholic beverages are cheap as well! The foods by the hotels in downtown in a little pricey than other restaurants but there is some in downtown that is inexpensive just the ones right by the hotels are more. I had Nachos which I kinda didn't want becasue I mean there is other better foods but I was starving and just wanted an appetizer because I was going to eat with my family; it turned out good because they put meat on every tortilla chip I was like yasssssss. What I love most about Mexico is they go home or out to a restaurant but they mainly go home and eat with their families and most stores close from 2-4pm. I'm a family gal and to me that's important spending time with family.

Sopitos (Some restaurants put iceberg lettuce but it's mainly cabbage)
Tostada de Cueritos (Pork Skin) Below
They have a lot of natural Fruits & Veggies. Most known: Mamay, Limon, Coconut, Mango
Locals sell their Homemade Ponches
[Crying & Heart Face Emoji insert Here] Paletas De La Villa Below this shop is cheaper than the original shop and still tastes the same. My Favorites: ALL jk Vanilla, Pisachio, Nuez, Limon, Uva
Michelada with Cocktail appetizer. I will Recreate this on the blog later! This was my first time trying this and I fell in more love with Micheladas
Nachos I was talking about earlier. Above
 Natural Candies(Dulces). The one with the Green & Blue String is Caramel and it's my favorite!
 I love Chile!!!!

I Took a Photo of my Coca-Cola but it some how got corrupted (Sad emoji). Chiles Rellenos Below

This Drink was so Amazing!!!!  From the restaurant above in Tecoman. It was called Frozen Colada The Crab (Combination of Coconut Cream and Baileys)

Cocktail de Pulpo(Octupus)


 Having a beer with Windows down of course i'm not driving! Don't Drink and Drink whereever you are in the world!
 Churros taste different in Mexico but still very good and freshly made.
 Left: Powder Pinole(They fry the corn and they blend it into a powder and put sugar cane) Right: Coconut with sweet syrup(Red/pink)
 Locals looked so bored that they kept looking at me take photographs I don't like when people stare at me but again i have a big camera and they are bound to look. They sell the same in a lot of stands but some cheaper than others.
Like 7-Elevens but they also have 7-Elevens of course they are different then the ones over here but they also have Tienditas(Little Markets) like on mostly every corner it's like how Starbucks is on mostly every corner over here but they are everywhere. I love them more than one above.
Back in 2012 whenI had my Auburn hair(I miss it) here with my Michelada---yassssss!

I'd like to Thank This Woman, My Mama, with all my heart for this trip. I love her so much I wouldnt't be the woman I am today without her! She kept telling me to come with her but I was so caught up in a lot of things and not having a lot of money and to tell you the truth because I'm an honest person; I didn't feel like I deserved this trip and I didn't want to go to because I had been here many times and was craving somewhere new not that I don't love Colima because I love Colima but there is a whole world out there and I want to explore it! I finally made a choice of going obviously but to photograph and share with you guys and of course to detox and let go! Whatever you're going thru even if you don't come here which I should add you have to visit here let go once a while and go live life. To me, I love to travel because it relaxes me and it inspires me to keep going after my dreams. You meet new people and make new memories. You are the author to your story and God provides so go live in the now and know that adventure is out there.

If you want cheap flights go to Google Flights and search on Tuesday and Wednesday. I got mine for $281 roundtrip yup that's cheap for being close to the holidays internationally.

Hopefully I didn't forget anything but overall the Foods and Drinks are the best things--- of course other than the sites but I'm a huge foodie! I wish I had photographed more of the traditional things there but my family had me up and down. The downfall was I didn't get to eat in the resturants I really love out there. Next time I will! Overall fun trip! I love going In December to me it's the best time! I recommend you visit in December or February my favorite two months to go.
I encourage you to go traveling more. Traveling can get expensive but don't wait ten years! Go life is passing you by!  Lots more traveling tips to come! I will do better travel tips next time sorry.

From my Heart to Yours
Wishing you lots of Love & Sweetness

-Amanda Bernadette

Short Video from Trip

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