Hello Y'all Happy March! So Spring time is this month and here in California it already feels like it!
I'm feeling new, peaceful and fresh! How about you? I had many ideas for this Spring but I had these outfits lined up at for a while now so I went with these! I share my outfits to inspire you on new looks or what I believe is going to be in trend hahahaha-----Doesn't mean you can't put your style into any of these outfits. If you love it the way it is, great! If you want to change it a little to put your style into it then also great! Also, I do this for all shapes and sizes because even though I'm not in the best shape----you might be thinking you look great well thank you but I have been in better healthier shape and I'm not there but guess what I'm working on myself inside and out way more and it feels amazing----I'm taking it little by little and I am happy about it!
 So however you are feeling if you're taking care of yourself more Yay You and don't stop if you need breaks it's ok but don't let it slide! I believe in You! 
So back on topic hahahaha------Even if I am not in shape these outfits can fit you as well! Also, do you if you feel good in it don't worry what others think, ROCK IT! Of course, there are certain things that might not fit your body shape because everyone is different--- I only say this not to hurt anyone but because I once thought I could rock anything and found out Not everything fits my body shape and you know what for a while it hurt but then I started loving my body more and accepted that it was ok to know not everything will fit! Not everything is designed for me! Although I know whatever I wear I could still rock because I know what works for me! 
Soon I will do a guide on what fits best for different body types; You know what I love that everyone is different! I love a challenge but this world would be boring if everyone looked the same.  I just wanted to update you too that soon I will be doing Guy Lookbooks and Guides!   
I Hope You Enjoy this series and I wish you a Peaceful, Loving and Fresh Spring!

Spring Trends According to Me hahahaha-----
[Butterflies, Turquoise & Pink & Neon Yellow and Neon Orange, Tie Dye, Simple 70's] 

From my Heart to Yours
Sending you Lots of Love & Sweetness
-Amanda Bernadette

Look #1: Flowy Floral
Dress: Thrift Store (SMILAR)
Fedora Hat: Mexico (SMILAR
Belt: Forever 21
Stud Earrings: Forver 21
Sandals: Charlotte Russe
Handbag: Thrift Store

Look #2: Modern Tea Time
Collar Dress: Cotton On
Hat: Thrift Store
Vest: Thrift Store
Clutch: Thrift Store
Leather Loafers/Flats: Mexico (SMILAR)
Sunnies: Ross-London Fog


Look #3: Modern Pretty in Pink
Blouse: Thrift Store
Pink Coat: Macy's (SIMLAR)
High Waisted Boyfriend Jeans: Thrift Store
Platform Floral Heels: Forever 21(SIMLAR)
Rose Stud Earrings: Thrift Store

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