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Hello y'all so hello again yes it's been a while since I've been here---if you don't follow me on snapchat well then lets just say I been taking some time for myself but I will explain more later but yes I'm back and lots more of exciting posts will be coming like how to do a smokey eye Step by Step!
I had to post this today because it's very exciting and I love that they are doing this! 

From my Heart to Yours
Wiahing you Lots of Love & Sweetness

TOMS is having a Warehouse Sale!!!!!!!

I know right----[insert heart eyes emoji] even though I still would pay for the original price because I love what TOMS stands for! Great Company! Great shoe designs too!
So I found out through my sister because she found out on Facebook---I am not on Facebook but when I  found out I wanted to see what it was about! Although I didn't buy #wasntmypayday lol Let me tell you I would have bought so many. One being because their shoes are so comfortable, simple and very fashion forward------that's very much my style! Foremost, even though prices are marked down they still give to those in need and that's what I love! Like their motto: ONE FOR ONE.
 One day I will buy so many to take to those in need and then some!
 I love helping as most of you know! So I had heard of this event years ago but at the time I couldn't attend but,  this time around I made sure I could! Let me tell you for a SALE event it was so professional, clean and simply amazing! I will for sure always be on the look-out from now on! Might Go to Multiple cities if I have too! It's nothing like Black Friday sales where people push each other none of that nonsense! 
Not only do they have their various styles of shoes(originals, boots, sandals) but they have sunglasses and backpacks/bags as well. I had seen their backpacks online but have been wanting to see them in person well I finally got the chance! Next time I'm getting three: one for myself for my travels and two for a giveaway!
The employees were so nice!
Everything is so organized and if you know me I LOVE THAT! Like I said professional. 
Everything was flowing nicely, no people yelling or running to get shoes! Example: Like in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic! What girls do to get shoes and stuff (shaking my head) but even if people are power walking----which most people were; there is so many shoes & styles and what I saw was they were putting more out! To sum it up They have a lot so no need to worry y'all! It was my second time today and they had a lot still! So they are brand new TOMS of course and they all are in sections Like Women, Mens, Youth, Tiny(baby) and each section has labels for the sizes! Although people leave shoes in the sections they aren't suppose to be in the employees put them back! Yay TEAM TOMS! They are discounted price [I noticed that when I went today the price was lower from yesterday's price]---After all, it is a sale and that's why so many were power walking hahaha! They have benches so you can sit and try on the shoes. Do try them out though because they are on sale and everything is FINAL SALE!!! Make sure it's the right shoe size for each foot because again people do the switch-a-roo hahaha. You can also try Men's shoes they are less expensive, a little different from width but still the same styles although not the same in graphics. They have face painting for the kids and a VW bus photo prop to show how many shoes you're giving to those in need and to post on your social media. It would be neat if they had a photo booth and some way it goes to those in need as well and one for the customer! They also play amazing music from a speaker not like live bands or anything!

********I am not being sponsored by TOMS or the Team involved with this event----nope not getting paid! It would be amazing to partner with TOMS because I love to help others and just love their designs and company but ya just thought this was a fun amazing event that I wanted to share because more people need to know about this and hey your helping others in need!*************

PARKING: They have their own parking right outside the warehouse but show up early that way you are not parking on the streets where your not suppose too. Many people go to this event so people just have too. If you have a couple people going with you, it's better to carpool that way you don't walk so much and get there faster and makes it more fun when you go with your friends or family. You can also use Uber.

SET-UP: Before you enter the warehouse you are given a color wristband and you are given 45 mins to shop then you follow a line to get a plastic long bag to put your shoes in. Keep in mind that they hold people before the bag section, so it doesn't get too crowded in the shoe section. I love that they do that----that way you're not falling or waiting for someone to move! I appreciate that because I need my space when I shop. After the bag you shop!
When time is up they call the color wristband you have and you have to go and check out and pay! For the sunglasses and backpacks; they have their own section to pay! People take their own mini roller carts----because some people buy a a lot! You have to put the strollers on the side. Before entering the next section there is a sign that informs you what to do next. [One thing to do is take a photo with your phone of the prices that way you are not going back and forth finding the price! They have boots not the nepal boots but other boots and those are the same price as the wedges. You have to check everything before entering the next section. Here you have to make sure you have the right sizes and all that jazz then you head down to where they mark what shoes you have and how many! They will wave a flag when an employee is open. Don't worry they have a lot of employees. Then they tell you what color line you have to go to make payment. It might seem like a lot of steps but it's not; I personally think it's very professional and smart! Also, they do it that way people aren't stealing. First DON'T STEAL EVER!!!
They accept cash, debit and credit card(no AMEX). They use SQUARE UP registers and don't worry you are safe; I use SQUARE UP mobile for my photography clients! 



EVENT DATE & TIME: It's a weekend event! 
Thursday, February 25th | 10am – 8pm
Friday, February 26th | 10am – 8pm
Saturday, February 27th | 9am – 7pm
Sunday, February 28th | 9am – 7pm
Their flyers said they opened at 10am but they opened two hours earlier and for the 9am they opened an hour earlier because so many people where there; the line wrapped around outside the warehouse----it was a huge warehouse too-----so lots of people. So go early but even if you don't like going super early; like I said before there is so many shoes! The chances of getting the shoes you want are great! If you don't find any that day they do this event all weekend and they bring out more. Tomorrow is the last day but I was informed they might do a secret sale on Monday with prices even lower but I'm not too sure if they will but that's why you should follow them on Instagram and facebook!
Their next city is Phoenix AZ: 3/10-13, 2016 then back to California

SOCIAL MEDIA: You can sign up on their mailing list or follow them on facebook and instagram! They change cities so they don't stay in one place! This also do this event every other month! So follow so you can know when the next event near will be.

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