Gift Guide Under $50 for the relaxing person

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Hello y'all so it's the holidays and your probably like what do I get this person and that person. When it comes to gifts for myself I love to be creative with it. Most of the time I create something diy or do a theme with it. I go all out! Of course it can add up so here is a gift guide for the person that loves to chill or is a chill person----- no not Netflix and chill lol but a relaxing person like myself. I have to say the stress relief from bath and body works is so amazing my favorite,I've gotten my family hooked on it! I haven't tried some of these products but I have tried masks and different teas---- I have been wanting to get the glam glow but it's not in my budget right now lol. I love being on a budget not that I don't get nice things for my love ones but if you can save why not---in return you can buy them more and they will love it and/or buy yourself something. 
These don't just apply to women only but for guys also. Pjs and slippers and heck why not a mask, if your in a relationship you can make it a date with both of you wearing a mask sipping tea in your pjs now that's what I'm talking about cozy. There is nothing wrong with a guy wearing a mask I personally love it because it shows he cares about his skin not in a cocky way or insecure way but in a confident way and in a way that he doesn't care what others think. I will be doing more gift guides. 

From my heart to yours
Wishing you lots of love & sweetness

Mud mask

Sprayology skincare

Moisturizing mask

Gift sets kit

H&M cable knee socks
$9.00 -

Barnes Noble Green Gift Card

Kate Spade thermo cup

Lenox blue mug

Burk i plåt Tea

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