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And Hello October -----so being the 1st of October slowly very slowly it's starting to feel like Autumn here is Southern California. In the Night it's cooled down and I love it just wish it could Rain and get chilly in the daytime so it's still hot here in California, I decided to show my transition from Summer to Autumn considering it still feels like Summer blah but it's cooling down Thank You God! So I Have a Curvy Body and I'm a shorty proud of it just not when something is high and I can't reach ugh #shortgirlproblems #thestruggleisreal #ineedatallman hahahaha ok so I have many outfits but I decided to show for all body types. Girl don't stress I'm here to help you look Amazing for this new season and it will be affordable chillax ok.....ok. No need to spend a million bucks to look great pshhh girl please hahaha. Most of these outfits are from Forever21 & Thrift Store but don't get discouraged I'm going to give you general tips to finding similar and be prepared because most of my outfits will be from a Thrift Store, Forever 21, H&M, Cotton On. Those are my GO-TO stores. Note: I've had most of these items for a while so don't have direct links where you can purchase them but like I said I'm going to give you some tips. 
Ok Ladies get ready to look Autumn-lish! 
So it's that time where your getting your warm clothes in your closet and summer clothes away but wait don't put all your summer clothes away you can layer some pieces or in general use because frankly if you live in a hot climate area like myself, one day it will be cold and the next it will be blazing ----- yup happens here so let's get to it........
SHORTS: you want to get warmer color shorts (Brown,Light Brown, Olive, Cream, Burgundy) 
These might be Fall Colors but you can still use them in the summer with a lighter shirt.
Which brings me to the Top
TOPS: you want to get a loose light color Graphic tee (I love my Star Wars shirt because I use it for my pjs too hehe) I say light and loose because if it's still hot a white or a cream color will keep you cooler and loose because same and you won't feel like your wearing a wetsuit hahahaha but you can tuck it in the front to show your body shape a little so it's not in total hide out. It's comfy and a little sexy. It's also season of big loose clothes so embrace it. Which I might add it's not bad either to wear loose fitted clothes because it leaves guys guessing wink wink your welcome hahahaha.
SHOES: go with some simple neutral color sandals. It will go with all your outfits. I love the ones I'm wearing from Forever21. If it's not too hot where your at you can wear ankle boots.
BAG/Purse: Go with a Neutral color Purse because again goes with everything. Go with a Small & Medium Purse in Tan,Brown & Black because it will go with everything and all seasons. Try to Skip a big bag because it will get heavy and when you carry something heavy you will be more hotter. Trust me hahahahaha
DRESS: I'll repeat myself again Dresses are the best piece of clothing ever one you can look good with little effort. It's so easy because it's one piece and if the dress is loose but still want a shape add a belt that's my method hahahaha. Go with a color pattern dress not too bright; it's a good transition from summer to fall. I did a orange-brown dress but you can pick a,mustard yellow or a grey bluish dress. Patterns are great for all seasons but I don't know theirs something about patterns that remind me of Autumn-------- it's so urban/nature/boho.  I love it! 
Accessories: I keep it pretty simple because well when it comes to jewelry for me it's very simple or badazzle elegant theirs no middle ground for me on that. I love simple outfits but when I put an outfit together I balance it out with makeup & hair etc. Since it's Autumn your going to layer up so keep it simple with jewelry. A little goes a long way. The sunglasses again neutral color... I love my neon sunnies but doesn't go with all my autumn outfits----- for me it's either black or brown.
Vest/Crop Top: don't say goodbye to your crop tops you can still use those almost all seasons. Autumn is all about outerwear. Go with a sleeveless outerwear if it gets chilly you can layer up. With this vest/crop top you can pair it with any high waisted bottoms. Which brings me to bottoms.......
HIGH WAISTED BOTTOMS/SKIRT: with a medium/long length high waisted skirt you can still wear your crop tops it's a good transition. If it gets too hot or cold with this length you won't feel like your melting or freezing. Try to kind it Loose fitted it's that season again hahahaha. I Felt like a girl from the 60's with a modern touch just need my roller blades haha

There you go I hope this helped you. I'm excited for this season. It's my birthday season and I can bake, drink more tea, lattes, do more home cooking like soups. Hope you had a great Summer and have an amazing Autumn.
Wishing you lots of love from my heart to yours.

SHIRT: Disney Store- Star Wars Darth Vader "My Death Star or Yours?"
SHORTS: Forever21
ACESSORIES: Avaritor Sunglasses(H&M), Pearl Stud Earrings & Ring Sets (Forever21)
SANDALS: Forever21

DRESS: Forever21
ACESSORIES: Avaritor Sunglasses(H&M), Belt (H&M), Pearl Stud Earrings & Ring Sets (Forever21)
SANDALS: Forever21
PURSE: Liz Clairone 

CROP TOP/VEST: Thrift Store
SKIRT: Thrift Store (Actually My Moms Closet haha)
ACESSORIES: Black Sunglasses (Forever21), Stud Earrings & Ring Sets (Forever21)
SANDALS: Forever21

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