Mid-Slit Dress with Plaid Shirt and Boots

Hello y'all,
So this pasted weekend it started feeling like Autumn here in Southern California but then it probably will get hot again(I checked the weather) which I'm feeling blah about it but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. So I'm very proud of wearing this outfit, I created first because I love everything I'm wearing and this dress is my favorite because I can wear it for different occasions expect a super fancy event but it's very versatile. Since it's chilly and not freezing I choose a dress and a plaid shirt because it isn't fall without a plaid shirt. You can pick any plaid shirt really well let me take that back not purple hahaha. I did red because it's a classic and it's one that I had and because it's a complementary color to green. 
So go with a complementary color.
If you go with a neutral color dress you can choose any plaid shirt even the purple one.
Brown and Black ankle boots go a long way. So invest in both.
You don't have to wear boots just with pants.
Short thick heel boots are so comfortable seriously I can run in these(for a quick "dang I forgot this and only have 5 mins left" not a 5mile run) although it's not advised. You've been warned! Hahahahaha but seriously I can dance in these boots
Hey, you can wear a black backpack and Brown Boots they are neutral colors and even if you don't have a plaid shirt it still goes. 
Keep it Simple with the right balance it goes a long way.
HATS are a favorite of mine for fall so keep it a neutral color.
I love this dress seriously y'all obsessed hahahaha never thought I'd wear a piece of clothing and not get tired of it. I love it more and more each time I wear it, it's my go-to along with any thin striped black and white pieces another thing I'm obsessed with. I love it because it's loose a little but still shows my curves but doesn't show too much then the slit in the sides are super sexy but don't go too far up to show too much and long the length because as a shorty dresses are either too long and I have to cut and sew it to my length or too short and it looks like a skirt blah. So this dress is perfect with a feminine/sexy & relaxed touch. 
Ok I'm new to blogging so I don't know how to link certain things yet so bare with me I'm still learning and if you know I'd be so ever grateful if you let me know how! Thank you.

From my Heart to Yours

HAT: (Fedora) Mexico 
Plaid Shirt: Thrift Store
Pearl Stud Earrings & Ring sets: Forever 21
Sunglasses: H&M
Brown Ankle Boots: I don't remember where I bought them sorry SIMILIAR

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