Autumn: Casual Office to Night out

Hello y'all so I was going to post this yesterday but my eyes were hurting and then got an allergic action to something I ate(not a pretty picture) ya not a great day for me but it wasn't bad either because I'm alive. Now I'm here better than ever Thank God seriously for this new day & being happy me like Tuesday man that was such a great day. I was high on life hahahaha SAY NO TO DRUGS! Life is great and beautiful and when you let negative things in your life go and really go for your dreams it's the most amazing thing ever --- I can't express how happy I am and honestly I don't have much money which sucks sometimes but it has given me a whole new perspective on well----really using the things you have and really seeing everything you have and I'm so very grateful and excites me to work hard and smarter to save money to do the things I love----like travel and this blog. Ok I just wanted to say Live your life. Which inspired me to put this outfit together. We sometimes work so much we forget to live life. Look around you this is life and it doesn't stop for nobody.
You can wear this outfit to work and when your off go enjoy a drink or walk around with your friends. It's a quick fix because your probably tired and it will take you a while to pick another outfit and get ready. Then you're like----- I'm tired I don't want to go anymore. Time wasted blah. So carry a dry shampoo, body spray or something, mints, deodorant, bold lipstick; touch up and put on those low cute heels and trench coat you have been wanting to wear and off you go. That was quick right! You go girl! 
"A job is a job. It's a way to pay for a living, but that's it. Don't let it define your happiness. You work to live not live to work. Work on what makes you happy."

*****I apologize for the image quality didn't realize I wasn't in focus till I uploaded my photos and my eyes were hurting really bad to go and do it again and it was bright so thought it was in focus when I looked on the camera screen. Sorry it's a pet peeve of mine when photos aren't in focus of course for this subject. 
Go with cut off black slacks so you can show off those heels later. Skinny b&w stripes are my Go-to and it's a great piece to have in general especially for fall something about it reminds me so much of autumn. I went with a Mid sleeve trench coat to show a little but not too much for the night time. Oh course you can't forget the heels but since you got off work go with a heel that's thick or low or a strap on the front(to give you balance and with a small platform on the bottom so your feet aren't too tired and feel like Bambi. You can go with any color heel. You want to keep it neutral on top but you can have fun with the heels. I left my hair up but you can put it down just add some dry shampoo and swing your hair forward and back up again and bam your done. 

Striped Top: Cotton On
Black Cutoff Slacks: Ross
Black Loafers: Ross

Mid-Sleeve Trench Coat: Forever 21
Heels: Similar at Forever 21(got mine from my bestie)
Sunglasses: H&M


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