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Hello Sunflowers it's a beautiful day here in Southern California and Thank you God for another Day! Then again it's always sunny here but lately it has been raining. Thank God! Lord knows we need the rain. So first I would like to start with my style yes I am a girly girl and I'm also tomboy. I love my dresses and heels although I do wear sandals or flats most of the time but I am starting to wear heels more as I'm getting older but I also love my jeans,Star Wars tee shirt and some Converse and yoga pants. But overall my style is simple with an elegant touch. Yes I'm a fashionista-----no I don't know everything about fashion or designers but I'm still learning.Coco Chanel is my inspiration ----great woman and fashion icon. Overall in my eyes nobody beats her. I'm excited for the day When I own a Chanel outfit or even a purse. I do fashion for me and not to impress but I do keep in mind that people have to see me so I do my best to look put together. I will say though I would love to get dressed up for my man not that I need too because he should love me in whatever--- he better lol but I ain't got a man so let's move on lol One day though!  I love dresses and I know some girls who don't but to me it's like why not it's the easiest and fastest way to look put together without having to put an outfit together.

Let me explain a dress is one piece so when I'm having my lazy day but I want to look like I planned it all out the day before--- while looking like a million bucks, I pick a dress put some sandals, my set rings with simple makeup and messy hair and I'm out the door. Bam it's so easy.  So it's been really nice and so I decided to wear this skirt that I've been wanting to wear for a long time and it's been in my closet like wear me Amanda wear me. For me it's tricky trying to find a skirt that fits me and that doesn't lift 2 inches from my behind let me explain why. Yes I do have a big but yes I know it's a trend right now no I am not like Power to the big butt girls hey I got a booty hey hey hey(little rascals dollar part) I'm not that type to put someone down because they don't have it instead I empower them on what they do have.  I don't care if it's a trend right now as far as I know I've always had a big butt and to be honest with you sucks sometimes having guys undress me with their eyes or whistle at me because I have a big butt. Don't get me wrong I'm very thankful for my bb I love my bb but Girl just know it is a struggle to have a big butt. First it's hard to find a good short skirt that's not going to raise up to 2 inches from the back and  I say it's hard to find jeans that fit without having a plumber moment which I've had many times( so embarrassing and not cute) and regular shorts that don't look like booty shorts or like your booty was hungry. I do hope they make affordable short skirts,shorts and jeans for BB girls because it's a struggle. So when I found the skirt and it was short(didn't raise up 2 inches), high waisted and had an elastic waistband I was like you are going home with me. When it comes to graphic shirts it's kind of hard to wear it as many times as possible at least for me.I try to a wear it as many different ways as possible before I get tired of it. I make the most of what I got. I love Audrey Hepburn and I do get a lot that I look like her and thank you for the compliment she is another inspiration of mine but I wanted to do my own take on on this which was again simple but with an elegant touch.  I have been working on my stomach and I had a small insecurity of showing my stomach before but now that I've been working on it and no I don't have flat abs yet I decided to give it a crop top look yet keeping it classy. I'm showing a little but not too much and just paired it with the classic Breakfast at Tiffany's necklace (One of my favorite movies) well my take on it actually. And I just did it with nude/gold accessories and sandals. Just so you know I will be featuring these sandals a lot on my blog because they're the most comfortable yet cute and versatile sandals. I'm 5'2 and I do love my height but having a skirt to make you look a little taller doesn't hurt. I know this was long and if your reading this I love you for reading all of this! Your awesome! So if you try this out share it with me on Instagram with #LLGstyle
 From my heart to yours 
Wishing you lots of Love & Sweetness
Stay Classy Ladies
P.s. Work what you got----Don't be afraid to show a little of what you got just leave the show to your man or lady. You do you girl! 


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