Dear Lovers, Life admirers, and glamoristas 
Hello and Welcome. 
You're probably thinking what’s this blog about well grab some popcorn or wine or both hehehe and get comfortable because it's a long introduction. I want you to get comfortable because that's one of my goals for this blog. Like the moment when you change into your pajamas and get into bed that relief of, oh ya. Just know that at times we will move out of our comfort zone to admire more of it but to open new worlds. This is for YOU of course you see me but I'd like to share from my personal experiences & beliefs because I believe that I go through things to help others and to see what I want/like.You will never know in till you try. I'd love to INSPIRE & EMPOWER women and girls. To become a better woman, friend, lover, daughter, mother etc(I'm not a mother but have it in me, I mostly take care of others, yes don't worry I take care of myself too). Hey I want to empower Men too. Let's Work Together it won't be easy because we are very different in many things but there are things that we can work on together. Just know Women are rare creatures and complicated we got lots of emotions but hey we all have them. So women will be women and men will be men but my aim is to focus on you as a female and how to love you first. To teach guys how to treat girls/women because we can't teach them how to be a man but you can teach them how to treat a woman with love, respect and kindness.

This is for the big dreamers (Like Myself) and the small dreamers to ignite the big dreamer in you. For those feeling lost or overwhelmed to give you a hand into the right direction. For those adventure seekers to explore some more and get lost to admire the moment. For the romantics and those that aren't because hey we can help each other be more romantic. For those glamorous and simple dressed. For those in need of a friend or motherly figure or both. For those that love your home. For the quiet shy to loud outgoing. All Girls are welcome! Yes you too who thinks you aren't worthy can I tell you something, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL & WORTHY!
 Boy/Men are welcome too. So if you need inspiration for a romantic date or what to wear even on a date but just know that there will be lots of girl talk. Hey guys, You can be a feminist after all we do come from the same place The Woman's Vagina/C-section, yes I said Vagina get over it. This isn't a place to bring genders down but hey don't think I'm being judgmental when I say as a woman we are pretty awesome but hey we have our not so awesome moments. I love being a Woman! It's nice to see guys go out and buy their girlfriends/wife etc pads/tampons/underwear's and not think what others say or get embarrassed even if sometimes you don't like it but hey high five to you because newsflash we don't like periods either but it's part of us but we do love underwear’s hehehehe. 
OK if you need to fill up on your wine girl now is the time, I warned you hehehe............. ........... ..............

So a little About Me: I'M NOT PERFECT! My name is AMANDA BERNADETTE (middle name) but I prefer it without my last name, more ME. Business Owner. Sweet & Food Lover. Sprinkles Cupcakes is my favorite Dessert Place ever! Born 1990. Scorpio! I'm a Southern California girl. Huge Lover Of Love, so yes I'm very romantic.  I am human and make mistakes but I'm good with that because I wouldn't be here without those mistakes. Perfect is boring and honestly you can better yourselves but why go to a point where your stuck because their is nothing to change anymore. You only have One Body Enjoy it!  I am not a Life Coach or Therapist, Professional Make-up Artist, Nutritionist, Chef,Stylish nor pro writer but I've learned so much on my own and from help of others and by observing. Let's inspire each other. I studied Fashion Design and Photography in College but photography was my true passion. I left College to Pursuit my business AMANDA BERNADETTE PHOTOGRAPHY. I am a professional photographer and still learning, you cannot ever stop learning. I will go in more detail on why I left school and no not because I'm stupid. I don't regret it either. I'm a portrait and wedding photographer. Website here
I am a Glamour/Fashionista!Red Lipstick Lover. Obsessed with Instagram and Pinterest. Can I just say THANK YOU TO THE CREATORS OF PINTEREST YOU DESERVE A HUGE AWARD AND IF I MEET Y'ALL ONE DAY I'M GIVING YOU A ROUND OF APPLAUSE. Mature for My age but I do love being young. Young at heart. I am a Godly woman not a God nor do I want to be a God, I'm just me. I love CHRIST after all he saved me! I am not here to be like oh this religion or this outfit fits all; NO we are all different and that inspires me. I want to show you how to express YOU like how I will express myself on here because I plan to help all types of women/girls. I feel like I was meant to do this that I had to do this and I wanted to, I was so excited for this new adventure. I will give tips on girl things because growing up I wasn't told till too late after I had learned on my own but I'm still learning. As crazy as it sounds, having the Internet and social media these days I didn't see much of some tips that came in my mind or that I wanted to know. So I want to be your guide like a friend. OK I know Love, Life and Glamor(yes GLAMOR and not glamour, I personally like it more) have lots of topics but I'm in pursuit of those things. I Learn something new each day and Why not Share.Thanks to those that post stuff and I'm like: Yes Thank You, Oh What, Yes Girl! I believe it's not about finding you but creating yourself. This is a new adventure in my life, so join me in this new adventure. HAVE A BLESSED AND LOVING DAY OR NIGHT. 


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